We are seeking (a) partner(s) to support the Surfside Science project in the development of a funding model to sustain the continuation of project activities beyond the current period ending in July 2023.

The project is funded by the European Union and activities are currently underway to develop and validate replicable low-cost systems for continuous environmental monitoring, consisting of automated GIS scripts, low-cost monitoring stations, an online data portal, and repositories and instructions for replication. In the next phase, project activities will include the maintenance of this monitoring system, expansion of the network, support for replication efforts, and development of additional methods.

From the project proposal, the financial development task is defined as follows:

(6) Finance model exploration and development – Funding models will be developed in order to ensure the long term continuation of the project. This process requires outlining and testing of different potential business models, mapping grant opportunities, and applying for grants. The aim is to secure a robust set of future income and revenue generating activities that ensure continuation of environmental research and data collection.

This falls into two budget items with respective targets and activities.

Grant writing

Suitable grants that fall into the project timeline, geography, and thematic area will need to be mapped and selected for application. Concept notes and proposals will then need to be written in collaboration with the project team, submitted for consideration, and further developed where requested by the grant administrators.

Target: €80000

Progress: $20000 (grant received from UNESCO Aruba)

Business development

Suitable business models based on the results of the project will need to be explored and tested where possible. This can involve interviews with potential clients, development of proposals, or other research. Potential avenues include environmental data-as-a-service, for example monitoring air quality for businesses or beach nourishment and erosion for hotels; custom monitoring services, for example for local government departments or academic researchers; community-based monitoring, for example neighbourhood subscriptions for a local air quality monitor; or satellite-based vegetation mapping for carbon credit certifications, among others.

Target: €75000

Progress: €5000 (written commitment from Government of Aruba)

For reference, the environmental parameters being explored in the current phase of the project include:

  • Air Quality: Particulate matter, humidity and temperature
  • Water Quality: pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and electrical conductivity
  • Coastal Change: Vegetative cover, coastline, size of reef islands
  • Seafloor Mapping: Seafloor cover, including shallow reef and aquatic vegetation

A signed sworn declaration, linked here, is required for any contracted organization.

More information about the project is available on our website, and the initial proposal is in the project document here.

Please submit inquiries and proposals by email to science [at] brenchies [dot] com