Project coordinator

MSc. in environmental science and BA. liberal arts and science 

Christie co-founder of Metabolic foundation comes from Oranjestad, she grew up in her grandmothers home. Christie always had a mind of her own as she exercised this from early on. She didn’t just accept what is but challenged why. As a teen she saw the documentary ‘The inconvenient truth’ which showed her action attitude from a young age by making flyers to educate her fellow peers. As a dyslectic youth she hated science but she ended up in science in her studies abroad and dedicating her life’s work to it. As it is exactly science that could answer the why she always asked for. “Scientists we know how thing work” During her studies in The Netherlands at the University of Utrecht she took every opportunity to do research abroad in exchange programs in Morocco and Mexico. For her sustainable development Masters thesis she went to Thailand to work in water chemistry. Her mind of her own and action attitude fitted the makerspace philosophy that she would bring back to her island in starting Brenchies Lab. She believes strongly in finding solutions which Surfside Science is a token of. Always searching how to get funded and guiding ocean science projects through her foundation.