Research coordinator

MSc. in Environmental Science (abt) and BA. Liberat Arts and Science 

Tony grew up on Saltspring island, an island part of Canada. The island is the same size as Aruba. Son of a boat builder he is used to being interactive with the coast having on the water adventures. He left his home to go study in Math and Physics at Pomona college in California, US. And furthered his study at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands in Sustainable development wherefore he did his thesis on hydrological modeling of the impact of rainwater harvesting on ecosystem services in a smallholder farming community in Potshini, South Africa. Working for Metabolic in The Netherlands is where he met Christie Mettes. Together they worked in Thailand with community organizations on water filters but because of a coup in Thailand, they had to leave their project and Christie invited him to join her for a project on her home island Aruba. Here is where they officially started the Metabolic foundation named after and with help from the organization where they met in the Netherlands. He ended up staying in Aruba with his now wife Christie, sharing a home always in transformation into plastic recycling services (Plastic Beach Party) and makespace offices (Brenchies Lab). As Christie is the more known face of the foundation Tony is the force backstage. Together they have been resilient in bringing these new concepts of recycling and makerspace to our island. Always searching and making opportunities to work on environmental science projects as Surfside Science.