Air quality engineer

Automation technician, undergraduate student ICT 

Sean has been active with the foundation from starting days when still situated at the art academy. Studying Electrical Engineering at EPI he approached Brenchie’s lab when he heard about the 3D printers and since then never left as he discovered all the possibilities of the makerspace. He would come everyday after school to work on his robotic arm controlled by brainwaves. The hard work paid off as he won the science fair and builded a strong relationship with the foundation. After that he did his internship and vacation jobs with Brenchies lab makerspace. He moved to Eindhoven, The Netherlands to further his studies at Fontys in ICT technology but came back for the summer of 2022 to work intensively on the air quality monitor for our surfside science project. As he has also been working in this area at his university. He admits that Metabolic foundation made him environmentally conscious. As a local kid from Savaneta who grew up close to the beach, he has memories of building his own wooden boats and even once tried out a bathtub boat.  Why does he dedicate to this project said in his words “Because for islands the ocean is everything”