Validation coordinator

MSc. Marine Ecology & Resource Management and B Eng. Environmental Engineering

Tatiana is an Environmental Engineer, she studied in The Netherlands as many of us Arubans do to continue our studies. She chose the little city of Wageningen for her studies specializing in Marine Ecology. In her research topics she always stayed close to Aruba’s nature, focusing on coastal ecosystems, such as seagrass beds and mangroves and their importance for the island. Growing up all around the island, she always stayed close to the ocean, loving snorkeling and exploring from a young age. In her own words:

“You can’t get me out of the water!”

So how beautiful is it that now she not only exercises her passion to be in the water, but also with her knowledge studies our ocean, helping us to create reliable data and testing equipment so in the future her 8 month old baby can enjoy the same ocean.