Data coordinator

Software engineer 

Jeremy has been involved with Brenchie’s Lab and Metabolic Foundation from our early days. Working on glider drones, guiding in our makerspaces, mentoring electrotechniek students. His background is in Media Technology which entails designing interfaces and usability, web development, making own devices, apps, game technologies. In one word a technologist. Like many of us, he studied in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam. He grew up in the North area of Aruba which is the hotel area. With his own eyes he saw how the landscape changed from sand becoming muddy. He explains 

“It’s better to understand and know the status now, because it’s going to run out at some point where the damage cannot be reversed. We tend to not put any thought to this island”

Now he will be the one in charge of creating the platform which will be our website so everyone can access all the data we collect. So anyone can access the environmental status of our island.