With help from interns, workshop participants, local fishermen and community organizations, we have two working versions of water quality monitoring stations, and resources to support a variety of configurations. They use open source hardware and software to collect water quality readings and send the information to an interactive website.

Guide: Building an Ocean Acidity Monitor

Code: Our GitHub repository

Notes: Updates from our work sessions

Data: Our Thingspeak Dashboard

Options include:

  • Wifi or cell tower (GSM) communication
  • Acidity, dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, and temperature sensors
  • Grid power or solar panel with battery
  • Adafruit IO or ThingSpeak data collection and display

Our working configurations are:

  1. GSM connected station monitoring acidity (pH), dissolved oxygen (DO), and temperature (T) using solar power and uploading to Adafruit IO
  2. WiFi connected station monitoring pH, DO, T, and electrical conductivity (EC) using grid power and uploading to ThingSpeak