Remote sensing intern

BSc student, Technology & Engineering (UA) 

Raydeline is a student at the University of Aruba studying SISSTEM. Being part of the MAGEC environmental club of her University she got in contact with Metabolic foundation and worked as a side job for our foundation ‘Plastic Beach Party’ processing plastic. In the MAGEC club she has been involved in setting up the recycled program for the University of Aruba and ‘Don’t drive on the Dunes’ signs around Aruba. Her interest in sustainability started in conversations with her peers at high school as it  has become part of the fabric of her generation. As she and her friends were conscious about reducing waste and eating no or less meat. She grew up in AYO, an area on Aruba with a lot of rock formations, where many family members were neighbors. Her family would put buckets outside when it was raining for use later on. Her family also always taught her to not waste water, turn off the light, and be mindful of wasting anything. For her family it  was an issue to save money on these things but as Raydeline grew older she realized

“My family was being sustainable without knowing they were being sustainable”

She now works together with Tony for Surfside Science on GIS where she is observing differences in coastal vegetation and coastline of Surfside beach through Satellite imagery.