Intern, Underwater imagery analysis

BSc. applied science ICT – AI (HU)

Amaryllis always loved math and later on programming. Now she studies ICT at Hogeschool Utrecht in the Netherlands specializing in AI. When her friend Alexandra who is an intern with us in Aruba, told her about Surfside Science she contacted our foundation about how she could be part of it and we would have good use for her expertise. Her AI knowledge would help us with creating a model that can classify from underwater images the different sea environments for our seafloor mapping part. She will be working closely together with Tony and Jeremy. She started as a model working from Holland. She came to Aruba to also do some field work taking underwater pictures herself while getting to know the team now from close up instead through the screen. She will head back to Holland while still working and continue working on the seafloor mapping model. As a young teen she informed herself online about sustainability but her older sibling who studied sustainable science informed her about local environmental issues. She mentioned seeing changes in beaches by erosion.