We are seeking (a) partner(s) to support the Surfside Science project in the execution of an expenditure verification audit of the final report of project finances following the end of the project in November 2023.

The project is funded by the European Union and activities are currently underway to develop and validate replicable low-cost systems for continuous environmental monitoring, consisting of automated GIS scripts, low-cost monitoring stations, an online data portal, and repositories and instructions for replication. In the next phase, project activities will include the maintenance of this monitoring system, expansion of the network, support for replication efforts, and development of additional methods.

From the grant contract general conditions, the expenditure verification is defined as follows:

(15.11) The auditor shall examine whether the costs declared by the Beneficiary are real, accurately recognised and eligible under the Contract and identify the source of any non-conformities. The expenditure audit report shall cover all expenditure not covered or resolved by any previous expenditure audit report.

Following examination of documents received and audit activities carried out in the field, the auditor will submit the draft audit report to the Beneficiary to enable the latter to issue any observations it may have within a period of two (2) weeks. After this period, the auditor will forward the final audit report to Expertise France.

Additional relevant documentation will be provided upon inquiry, including the following documents:

  • Grant contract general conditions
  • Project budget
  • Financial reporting template

Any additional information necessary for the provision of a service quotation will also be provided upon request.

A signed sworn declaration, linked here, is required for any contracted organization.

More information about the project is available on our website here, and the initial proposal is in the project document here. Please submit inquiries and proposals by email to science@brenchies.com.